The Gathering of the Clans

20 March 2010


You know how it goes; we all have stuff to do in our lives and somehow manage to forget about most other things.

One of the constant reminders I set myself is to contact my relatives, arrange a drink/meal/reunion/etc with them and set in motion regular gatherings, at least on a six-monthly basis.

I’m hopeless, I forget these things as there is always something else to sort out (usually involving a bottle or glass!). The only thing that sates my conscience is that every family runs along the same lines and it’s not just me losing contact but we are all at it. In truth, we usually get together at family funerals, express a desire to meet up more regularly at more happy  occasions, then slip back into our usual torpor.

Praise be then that our family has an organised and sociable member who usually becomes exasperated at our collective inability to see outside our cocoons.

We all have to thank Cus’ Carol, once again, for being the Family Saviour. Goodness knows how often we’d get together to laugh, cry, reminisce and so on, were it not for Carol’s unstoppable calmness, energy and fantastic Stewardship of the Plummer Clan. Thanks Carol for everything, you deserve  a medal.

Carol again provided the impetus for the weekend of March 20-21 2010, hosted with fantastic verve and generosity by Pete and Sarah and their lovely ladies and Ian and Sally with theirs, so mega thanks have to go the hosts.

It was great to see future generations  in attendance and quite a shock that Matthew and Simon actually turned up, in daylight too.

Thank you Sheila and Pam for being with us again and that goes for Mark and Lucy and family and to Sarah for lighting up the room with her smile.

Shame about those who couldn’t make it for this one, I aim to ensure that the German Branch will come to our next revival in August or the one following that which I reckon ought to be February 2011 at the latest. Hopefully, Linda and Pauline can be persuaded to come along.

Anyway, there are a few photos in the following pages, taken by young James ‘The Papparazo’ and a few blurry ones I shot. Note that they are straight from the camera so some are under-exposed. These are all fairly lo-res images but can be downloaded from here, I aim to put higher quality downloadable versions on my web-site later.

The Plummer Family Tree – Plumlines, is well established now so have a look, a page on this site shows a few snippets. Everybody can help with this project, dredge those memory cells people, I need our family connections!

Also, I promise to add captions to the photos, honest! Plummer/Plummer Family Tree Plumlines/